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FB Groups Poster V2 Review – Post To FB Groups With Ease

by Jason

FB Groups Poster V2 Review – Post To FB Groups With Ease

FB Groups Poster V2 was created by an expert online marketer and software developer Sean Walters.

FB Groups Poster V2 – What is it?

FB Groups Poster V2 is an incredible tool which will post all your ads to the Facebook groups on autopilot without getting you Facebook account sent to Facebook jail or suspended. This software tool will get you massive traffic and leads 24/7.

FB Groups Poster V2 – What can it do for you?

It will help you earn more money and help you touch base with new people. This will help you save a lot of time so that you can concentrate on other income generating tasks. The FB Groups Poster V2 is definitely an amazing tool for those interested in their Facebook marketing and would like to grow their business quickly.

FB Groups Poster V2 – Why post to Facebook groups on autopilot?

Facebook is definitely the biggest income generating platform worldwide! Millions are generated through Facebook groups everyday. The true secret for you to get unlimited leads off Facebook everyday is simply by consistent advertising and you can’t do this manually.

Online marketing is very saturated on Facebook to post manually, the amount of time it takes you to publish one post, others will likely have already posted 10 to your one group post. Your post will never circulate fast enough for prospects and leads to see posting manually. You really need to be capable of posting your ad multiple periods daily to get any possibility of receiving a lead or sale. This FB Groups Poster V2 can get the work accomplished for you!


FB Groups Poster V2 – Cool Features

  • Only a one time payment. No monthly fees.
  • Join any number of Facebook Groups.
  • Pick anybody and join their same exact Facebook groups.
  • Vary the amount of time between joining each group.
  • Gather your entire groups and in order to post to all of them.
  • Select which groups for you to post to.
  • Post ads to any number of Facebook Groups.
  • Spin any number of ad copy sales messages being posted.
  • Spin any number of url’s to get posted.
  • Join groups by keyword and from a groups list or by the amount of group members.
  • Capability to gather open groups and all of the groups.
  • Having the capability to post to groups and take a rest between group postings.
  • Choice to post using a variety of photos or even a single photo.
  • Move a post back to the top page of group by leaving comments.
  • Add open, closed, or all groups onto a list by keyword term.
  • Vary how long between posting to each group in order to avoid bot detectors.
  • Gather group member data by keyword term or from your list.
  • Software is very easy to install.
  • Start posting and joining groups instantly.
  • Free Software updates.
  • Plus much more…

FB Groups Poster V2 – Pros

The developer of this amazing software tool does a fantastic job keeping up with Facebook changes. Meaning if Facebook makes an algorithm update, the developer will make a change to the software and then send you an update. The developer includes free updates for all of his software tools.

FB Groups Poster V2 – Cons

Honestly there are no cons about FB Groups Poster V2.  After you buy this, please watch all the tutorial videos and follow the very easy to understand instructions. Submit a ticket to if you have an problems or questions.

FB Groups Poster V2 – Conclusion

You don’t need to lose time waiting for possibilities to cross your path when you’ve got this excellent program because this tool will literally create opportunities for you instantly. FB Groups Poster V2 will literally boost your visibility for every opportunity that you’ll be promoting within hours!

FB Groups Poster V2 Review

FB Groups Poster V2 Review


FB Groups Poster V2

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  • March 24, 2016

    That poster has put me in jail 3 times in the last 2 months

    • Jay
      March 26, 2016

      Hey, sorry to hear that! How many groups are you trying to post to in a 24 hour period?

      I have been using FB Groups Poster everyday for 2 years now and have never had my account banned or put into Facebook Jail. Facebook changes their security algorithms every day, especially for groups.

      You should only post to 100 groups in a 24 hour period. Time to wait in between posts is 2 to 3 minutes minimum. Number of post to make before taking a break is 20 minutes. Take a break for x amount of time is 20 minutes.

      For new Facebook accounts only post 20 times per day. If you have hundreds of groups, you should consider breaking up the activity amongst multiple accounts.

      Think outside the box! Don’t let these small problems stop you from a lifetime of success!

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