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The controversial Trumped-up production of Julius Caesar was interrupted by protestors, and Twitter went off

by Jason
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The controversial production of Julius Caesar was hit by alt-right protests.
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Alt-right figures Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer attempted to shut down a performance of Shakespeare in the Park’s controversial, Trump-themed production of Julius Caesar by storming the stage and condemning other audience members for their participation in the spectacle. The show was paused, but ultimately, not shut down.

Loomer, a writer for right-wing Canadian website Rebel Media, took to the stage, yelling “Stop the normalization against political violence against the right! This is unacceptable!” before being drowned out by the boos of the audience. It should be noted that one of the major themes of Julius Caesar, which has been performed in many iterations over hundreds of years, is the negative ramifications of political violence.

Posobiec, who filmed the short-lived protest from the audience, got in on the action too. While Loomer was taken outside of the open air theater, he stood and shouted down the rest of the crowd, immediately invoking Godwin’s law comparing them to Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels.

Posobiec tweeted out a video of the incident, which went viral, and continued to post about his plans to try to attend again, trolling his critics and showboating for supporters.

Posobiec was trolled in return by Ron Swanson himself, who pointed out that the show did, indeed, go on.

Audience members tweeted out footage of Posobiec being removed from the theater shortly after Loomer, as he kept up the Nazi-slinging diatribe.

Loomer was arrested after being escorted offstage and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass.

On Twitter, #FreeLaura trended on both sides of the political spectrum. Some Trump supporters lionized Loomer for publicly disrupting a staged representation of political violence, while many on the left pointed to one of the other high-profile stories of the night, which centered on actual violence, in the real world.

Loomer was released from custody shortly after the arrest and set up a webpage to raise funds for her legal defense against the charges.

The Public Theater, which is the organization behind NYC’s Shakespeare in the Park, tweeted out thanks to its staff and security team following the incident, calling Posobiec and Loomer “paid protestors.”

Shakespeare in the Park Artistic Director Oskar Eustis, who also directed the show, issued a statement after the incident.

“Two protesters disrupted our show tonight; we stopped the show for less than a minute and our stage manager handled it beautifully. The staff removed the protesters peacefully, and the show resumed with the line Liberty! Freedom! The audience rose to their feet to thank the actors, and we joyfully continued. Free speech for all, but lets not stop the show.”

The production has two more shows before closing its run on June 18.

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